January 30th, 2012

  • halina

сравнение двух изданий Викторианского Романтического Таро


"When reading now I prefer the Russian version (published by Pryahi in 2011) as I know the images on the cards so well – thus don’t need to understand the titles – and I love being able to take my time without querents leaning over and reading the card titles and pushing me in a certain direction when interpreting. Plus I love having two Emperor cards; the sensual, lascivious pharoah and the butch, moustacheoed, logical autocrat. Two aspects of masculinity which enhance a reading when they come up (I leave them both in the deck).

There is very little difference in the production of the deck, either in the colours of the Russian edition or the backs (the Russian edition has a marginally thicker burgundy border than the standard English language one). But these are technicalities and details which have little place here. What matters is that readings with this deck (Russian, regular or Gold) simply flow for me".

И вообще интересный блог для англочитающих тарологов.

Напоминаем, что Русское издание можно купить тут, у добрых издателей: